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Tony Little Gazelle Sprintmaster with 2 DVDs

Posted by: Kayes on: 16 Jan, 2009

Need to lose weight – let the Gazelle Sprintmaster help you! TONY’S PICK! The newest Gazelle. The Gazelle Sprintmaster is a total body workout providing not only a low impact cardio workout but also a powerful upper body and lower body workout for strength training and muscle toning. Allows you to lock into your target [...]

Losing Weight is simple but Very Demanding

Posted by: Kayes on: 08 Dec, 2008

You must have tried a lot of diet programs that promise to make you loose fat easily and quickly. The programs are so complicated that in most of the cases we give up when we are half way through. The programs say that if you follow the diet rules then you need to do nothing [...]