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Obesity: The Receptionist Of Your Body…

Posted by: ariyes on: 03 Jan, 2010

From the heading, all of you may have started to think that how can obesity be a receptionist? What do you mean by receptionist? – Wow! A sweet, beautiful girl who welcomes everybody at an office with her soft voice. Obesity is like that- it welcomes softly all the major diseases in our body. Obesity [...]

Fitness Models – Are They Ideal for You?

Posted by: Kayes on: 13 Apr, 2009

We used to think that fashion models are ideal. Though, they are usually ‘covered’ with clothes that change from season to season. So, the ideal of fashion models is changeable or flexible. And what about fitness models? They popularize not just appearance, but the way of life. Moreover it keeps stable throughout the years. When [...]