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Pregnancy Diabetes: Can Kill Your Baby

Posted by: Kayes on: 20 Mar, 2009

Gestational Diabetes MellitusDiabetes, a very common disease in our urban lifestyle. Day by day its intensity is getting higher. So it’s various types also. Today I am going to discuss about the Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) or the diabetes occurring during pregnancy. No previous history of diabetes; identified for the first time during pregnancy (may be she was suffering before silently) – these situations of diabetes may be defined as diabetes during pregnancy or GDM. This can happen any pregnant mother. But the following cases are very liable to GDM:

- Genetical involvement: strong family history of diabetes mellitus involving parents, siblings or any other first line relatives.

- Excessive body weight: you know, weight gain is universally the mother of all diseases.

- Previous history of giving birth to a baby weighing 4kg or more.

- Previous history of fetal death in the uterus or death of current fetus inside the uterus.

- Previous history of  repeated abortions.

- Previous history of GDM.

Every pregnant mother should undergo screening test. What is this?-it is the testing procedure to identify who are going to be a sufferer of GDM. Every mother is advised to undergo a test at the pregnancy age of 24-28 weeks. She is given 50gms of glucose diluted with water orally.

Then after 1 hour blood glucose level is tested. If the level is found 7.8mmol/litre or more, then it is suspected that this mother has a chance to be attacked by GDM. To confirm, whether she is now a diagnosed patient of GDM or not, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) is advised; it is a developed method to identify GDM patients.

It is very important to diagnose GDM early. Because the late diagnosis and treatment can cause a massive harm to mother and the baby inside the uterus. If any how mother is safe, but the baby cannot escape its various sufferings very often- Multiple congenital anomalies, abortion of the fetus, delivery of excess weight baby, death of the baby inside the uterus, respiratory distress just after birth, decrease of blood glucose level of the body, very high jaundice just after birth etc. are the common examples.

Again if a mother is diagnosed patient of GDM and she never controls it properly, may suffer repeated abortions, high blood pressure, convulsion, fluid accumulation around the abdomen, delivery of the baby before the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) which causes the birth of a “low birth weight baby”.

That’s why every expecting mother should undergo GDM screening test. If diabetes is diagnosed then go to a diabetic specialist to control it. Thus the mother will be able to bypass the complications and simultaneously she can save her coming baby also from any danger.


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