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Heart Breaking Information!

Posted by: Kayes on: 27 Feb, 2009

heart-attackThe pain started from morning; not pain actually; like a tightness over the mid of the chest followed by burning sensation. Huge droplets of sweat over the eyebrow. Feeling of discomfort is gripping- the 43 years old man is getting nervous sensing the upcoming danger. Call-911. Emergency team arrived. He was hospitalized. Doctors rushed out there. Emergency management done. He was saved for this time. This 43 year old man,  is hypertensive for last three years, having the habit of taking fatty food and also the family history featuring the of his father 5 years back.

Those are the most common phenomena of a person having a heart attack. Although these symptoms differ from person to person. But basic protocol of heart attack is same. There are usual 10 symptoms of a heart attack which are the basic and are not as obvious and dramatic as one can imagine. If you know these early danger signs of heart attack, you can go for prompt action and immediately get treatment in the hospital.

Heart Attack is known as Myocardial infarction in medical terminology. This means the damage of tissue building the muscle wall of the heart due to loss or impairment (difficulty) of blood supply there by a blood clot or fat globules inside the blood vessels supplying the heart. It is a common medical emergency. Sometimes it is included in first aid courses which help people to know a symptom and search for medical attention at the hospital nearby. So you can save a life!
Here are some features of heart attack which are usually common:

Chest pain or discomfort is the key feature. Most of the cases it is centrally placed. Sometimes can be on left side and rarely on right side. These are the starting points. It often can feel like uncomfortable tightness, heaviness, pressure, squeezing, and fullness. It lasts at least few minutes, then goes away and comes back.

Now about radiation. The discomfort is usually radiate to both arms, forearms, hands, neck, chin, back of chest and even to lower most part of the back. Finger joint pain at hand is most unlikely but can occur.

Vomiting or vomiting tendency is very common associated with lightheadedness.
Feeling of weakness, discomfort all over the body and stomach is not uncommon.
The person sweats huge. Both hands and legs get cool. Mouth dried up. Gives a vacant look if he is conscious. Fifty percent of the person having a heart attack usually gets unconscious-that is a massive emergency, rush to hospital or call for a help.

You don’t know about your heart disease, but think that if you have ever experienced this sort of problem anytime in past. If so, go to your cardiologist for further check up as a precaution.

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heart attack is very common these days, it is because of a high fat diet and lack of exercise .*;

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