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Quit Smoking by Following Four Steps

Posted by: Kayes on: 25 Jun, 2010

Are you willing to give up the bad habit of smoking? Have you heard about the name of a book “Four steps to stop smoking forever”? Here is summarization of the four simple steps that would free you from being dependant on smoking. The first step is no less than a challenge. You need to [...]

Addiction never truly goes away. I welcome everyone believing in what we do and our potential to reach the target. I thought compulsion was something that would go left, that I could beat on my own, that I could outgrow, without assist from California drug rehab professionals. Boy was I wrong. Or not wrong, but [...]

Why a drug rehab center is so important?

Posted by: shabu on: 18 Jun, 2009

Till now I am trying to get sober outer surface of a private drug rehab center possibly takes the cake. Once upon a time I thought I could quit using without help from drug rehab professionals, and outside the structure of a drug rehab program. Boy was I an idiot. The fact, as I learned [...]