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When Ashley was 5, she felt intensive pain in her eyes. After checking the doctor recognize that her brain tumor due to abnormal enlargement of optic nerve, which is use to send information to brain from retina. Now she is 15 and living in his home city Ohio bases in Gahanna, was later suspected as [...]

One Sleepless Night Ups Insulin Resistance

Posted by: ariyes on: 04 Jul, 2010

Sleep is one important part of our daily activity to give our body rest and rejuvenate for further action. Our body needs definite hours of rest in form of sleep for healthy functioning. The metabolism and hormone regulation of our body are integrally correlated. Any change in physical activity or habit results in change in [...]

Aggression: A Social Problem

Posted by: imran on: 16 Dec, 2009

Aggression is a part of human behavior. It is almost always guided by the society. That is social structure, law and orders, less appreciation or totally absence of appreciation at job field etc. creates violent behavior in human mind. Form the very early age of human evolution, aggression or attacking attitude was available among the [...]

Natural Well-Being

Posted by: Kayes on: 24 Oct, 2009

People have found that physical health is not the only aspect about being a healthy person.  It is not just about running and working out.  It is now about eating the right foods and keeping your mental health good too.  Your mental health can include many things, some of, which are effected by how you [...]

Left-Handed Vs Right-Handed

Posted by: Kayes on: 26 Mar, 2009

Why do humans, virtually alone among all animal species, display a distinct left or right-handedness? Not even our closest relatives among the apes posses such decided lateral asymmetry, as psychologists call it. Yet about 90 percent of every humanpolulation that has ever lived appears to have been right-handed. Professor Bryan Turner at Deakin University has [...]