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One Sleepless Night Ups Insulin Resistance

Posted by: ariyes on: 04 Jul, 2010

Sleep is one important part of our daily activity to give our body rest and rejuvenate for further action. Our body needs definite hours of rest in form of sleep for healthy functioning. The metabolism and hormone regulation of our body are integrally correlated. Any change in physical activity or habit results in change in [...]

A Simple but Effective Eye Relaxing Exercise

Posted by: ariyes on: 17 Jan, 2010

The world has become so busy and it’s still getting busier. We work so much that sometimes we cross our limit both physically and mentally. In this process we put a lot of stress on our body and on our precious eyes. When we try to focus on more than one thing, we are actually [...]

All about Short Sightedness

Posted by: imran on: 26 Dec, 2009

Myopia or short sightedness is a vision condition that occurs when the eye ball increases in length. This results in the mismatch of eye length. The cornea loses the focusing ability through this process. A person with myopia will have no problem in watching objects close to the eyes, but will have a definite problem [...]