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Men with HPV at Higher Risk for HIV, Study Finds

Posted by: ariyes on: 04 Jul, 2010

HIV /AIDS have evolved as a serious threat to human kind in a form of epidemic worldwide. Be it a developing or developed nation this has become a serious concern for the government and nongovernment agencies to control the spread of AIDS as there is no vaccine available for this syndrome. In this context research [...]

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Health Hazard Of Fatty Children And Young Adults

Posted by: Kayes on: 09 Mar, 2009

Malnutrition means not only bony and underweight slimmy figure, but pot-bellied and very fatty also. In that sense the whole world is facing malnutrition. In poor countries people are facing nutrition deficiency on the other hand in rich countries fatty people are increasing by taking fatty and oily foods, sugars and sweetmeats. Problem is that, [...]