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Bye, Pimples!

Posted by: Kayes on: 16 Feb, 2009

byepimplesName one problem, which haunts our minds mostly during teen age? It is pimples. No young one can be found without nail-peeling of the white core of pimples. Young boys and girls are always in tension about their skin. The severity of pimples is high usually in late teenagers. Sometimes so painful pus point occurs, will usually press the pus out to clear it up. Ultimately deep scar mark. Face, shoulders, upper chest, back-all the beautiful parts of the body is affected! Like you, me also suffering from this problem for a long time and got tired by following doctor’s advice which cost me a lot of money time to time; left no stone unturned. Result – reduction of frequency for the time being followed by sufferings again to give up hope. It’s a painful cyclic order theory if you don’t find any solution. Who don’t want the total cure permanently?

Prevention is better than cure- do you remember the wise-saying? Now I want to add another line –you will have to know the road map of problem pathway before applying the prevention method. Let’s know the pimples pathway. First of all Hormonal redistribution occurs during teenage, which causes excessive sebum (one type of oily substance secrets through the root of hair to make the face greasy) production in body- we cannot handle with the boring hormone thing, but can easily treat with oily skin.

Second Thing Is Obstructed Hair Follicle or Clogged Pore, which is resulting from the partial or complete blockage of hair follicle- we can root out the cause of this blockage.
Third thing is bacterial infection-may be something is there to treat the bacteria.
Now come on, friends, let’s don’t spend any more money but to apply some “easy-to-arrange-at-home” method.

Make a habit to wash face before sleeping. Add a few drops of lemon juice to this “face treating-water” to make the practical application of Vitamin C directly over skin; to get a fresh look.
Do you have fluoride toothpaste at home? Do you brush twice daily? Then you will have to spend a little more toothpaste. This will have to use on your pimple area. Take a little amount on your finger to apply on that area, keep it for some fifteen minutes to get extra benefit. Then wash it thoroughly with clean water. Apply alcohol later for whole night. In the morning you will find surely some remarkable changes. What type of change? Do first as I told you then feel gratefulness to me!

If your pimples are swollen and inflamed, then don’t use any chemicals, but use simple ice cubes of your refrigerator to make an ice pack. Place it over your face’s inflamed area to make it lively and Freshlook.

Honey, lemon juice, turmeric powder- make a pest with these, applies it over the whole face. It will clear up all the hair follicles so nicely that you will find no other antibiotic to clean like this way.

All of the above which I discussed is totally homely procedures having no side effects have the capability to say goodbye to pimples totally.
Try it at home…


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1 | Jeannie Gord

January 22nd, 2011 at 9:26 am


You made a few good points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found a good number of persons will agree with your blog.

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